Somewhere deep

in the freezing dark,

buried behind stars,

comets, sparks, and

endless worlds

we’re here.


Huddled safe

beneath a thick

and sometimes nourishing


dotted about–

between the seas

and mountains:

stand houses.

Or homes, rather,

there is a difference

between living in

an extension

of yourself and

mere existence.

You stand inside,

comfortable, at home,

no need to hide

or protect yourself

or guard your eyes.

Your mind

is yours to free.


Building nests behind

brave brick faces–

behind the walls

of spaces that we call


that we made our own

with painted walls

and beds and art,

you stand,

hand to chest,

feeling the beating

of your heart


pumping like a

rhythmic song.

Within the valves

and warm red walls

there is a cosmos

of your own

with never ending light,

galaxies and planets

still unknown.

Inside of you

there is a place,

dark and dense,

nebulas with

unseen colors,

infinite time,

brilliant space.




via Daily Prompt: Interior


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