“Introduction,” as they say

Introductions are strange. You’ve already had your first impression of me—site name, header picture, title, blog post title. Usually introductions are for the bullet points: name, rank, serial number; or in terms of a virtual meeting, content, vibe, aesthetic. You’ve got all that already, just from laying your eyeballs on this site.

So, here, first ever Everyday Essentialism blogpost. Me in a nutshell? Goals and intent for this blog?

Can the sum of a person’s character and worldview, history and experience be expressed in a 200 word “Introduction”?

This blog will be about Essentialism: a term I recently discovered and am practicing with varied success every day. In my own way, I’m a sentimentalist and a hoarder: this journey will be lifelong and full of hilarious failure, I’m sure.

But as I go, this blog will be the place that houses my discoveries about how to make daily life more orderly; how to care for your body, but watch that budget; how to be creative and experiment every step of the way—with cooking, make-up, whatever—and how to find your voice and things you’re passionate about.

I don’t know about you, but I’m pretty excited. Let’s see what happens??


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